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Discover the game-changing Impulse Air FIX Kit. This innovative kit is designed to take your FX moderator to the next level, delivering substantial improvements in both sound quality and airgun accuracy.

Included in the Impulse Air FIX Kit are four stackable baffles and a tension spring, all expertly crafted to seamlessly integrate with the FX Moderator that comes with your FX Airgun purchase. Prepare for a transformative upgrade that will elevate your shooting experience like never before!

  • Features

    • Machined 6061 Aluminum
    • Anodized Clear
    • Compatible with .25 caliber and smaller
    • Compatible with FX Airgun Moderator  
    • Proudly Made in America


    FOR AIRGUN USE ONLY. Impulse Air is not responsible for the illegal or improper use of this product. It is the user's responsibility to fully understand and implement the proper use of this product to ensure safety. Improper or illegal use of this product can cause serious damage to not only the user and host firearm, but to other individuals as well. Impulse Air is not responsible for improper use and the user should fully understand the safety measures of this product before using.



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